About Us

About Blinx

Implicitly trusted to deliver secure and efficient IT operations coupled with business advancement through the proficient adoption of new and innovative technologies.

Brand Values

We are passionate about bringing our experience and expertise to bear in a creative and collaborative way, to enable and progress our clients’ businesses through technology.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a great team environment which is energising, fun, authentic and successful, where individuals feel valued and empowered.

Together we take accountability for delivering our mission and enabling the businesses we work with to succeed.

Blinx Culture

We are: Creative, professional, thoughtful and respectful, purposeful and curious.

A company that works on the basis of respect and admiration, Who communicates in a way that is smart, humble, hardworking, and collaborative. Who does not dominate the conversation, who knows the answer if you have a question — and the context, enabling you build a better IT world for your business.


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